Benefits of a Structed Preschool

Parents and families want assurance that enrolling their children in a high-quality Preschool program is the best choice for their child leading up to kindergarten. 

We at Charlestown East Pre School believe that child care should go beyond the traditional routine of daily daycare (or daycare). That’s why our Preschool program is designed with care to support the child’s desire for ir dependence and developing self-confidence. Also, encourage the development of their minds, exploration, and social skills in a secure and supportive environment. 

Charlestown East Preschool aims to achieve this by: 

1. Food: The Preschool provide families with information on the NSW Government “Good 

for kids good for life” lunch ideas for children.

2. Social interaction: Charlestown East Preschool aids in this development period by stimulating interactions with others, friendships, and learning by engaging in a range of activities. Children also benefit from interactions with Educators besides their parents.

3. Routine – Charlestown East Preschool provide a routine similar to a kindergarten setting, developing the ability to be attentive and follow directions.

4. School readiness The Preschool provides a daily creative literacy and craft curriculum encourages children to be active thinkers in preparation for kindergarten and even beyond.

5. Communication: The Preschool children develop the ability to talk at “show & tell” This helps them to develop the ability to communicate and sharing of on their interests.

6. Sensory stimulation: Through music, art, and physical movements children experience learning and play-based activities that stimulate the senses and stimulate exploration.

7. Cooperative play –Through informal and structured activities in children learn how to cooperate and share their time in calming classroom setting together with a secure /safe outdoor play space.

8. Stability: The Preschool service provides stability for parents with busy schedules and provide peace assurance.

9. Communication and support -Educators are always available to support and 

communicate on issues at the Preschool 

Charlestown East Preschool website = provides additional information on the “newsletters” Schedule a visit to view our high-quality programs on e-mail = of phone 02 4943 3974