Preschool in Charlestown, Whitebridge, Redhead, Kahibah and Surrounding Areas

We welcome you to our community and we hope you will enjoy getting to know us.

Please feel free to visit us at any time. We welcome you to share your idears and skills with us, this is especially important with our program and evaluation process.Illustration of preschool child reading

We encourage families to become involved in the Centre and foster a relationship between staff and families so they can support one another in their complementary roles.

Child Care Centre Kahibah & Early Learning Centre in Charlestown

We provide your children with the best start to early learning at Charlestown East Preschool, we understand children even very young children are often more competent, more intelligent, more capable then are perceived or understood .

Kindergarten School in Redhead

We provide the learning framework to provide children with experiences and opportunities that encourages them to acquire skills, attitudes and sensitivities that will allow them to make the most of their potential.

Early learning is particularly significant as it lays the foundation for all learning.

Our aim is to provide “our children” the best educational start for kindergarten school.

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